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Ideal Weight Loss

If you were given a choice to lose weight how much would you want to lose and what should be your ideal weight loss.It would make life comfortable if you know that how much weight you could lose within a month and after x months you would reach a desired weight. Suppose you lose 4 kgs a month and by the end of 6 months you would be able to lose 24 kgs. You could actually calculate the expected weight loss and set the time limits according to your own choice. Read this article on ideal weight to set target for your weight loss.

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There are some important points that you should keep in mind while planning your ideal weight loss.

Body Composition Analysis: This is the first step towards Ideal weight loss. Body composition analysis gives you a report which tells you about how much fat and muscle percentage is there in your body at different parts. BCA also tells you what your daily caloric requirement is and how many calories you require to maintain the same weight. It also tells how much visceral fat is present in the body. BCA also includes on the basis of your height and weight to be more precise and effective weight loss.

Once you have your BCA report it is time to start taking action. We understand that we have to eat a limited amount of calories per day as the body requires it whether we are at rest or work. It is advisable to not starve yourself as it makes weight loss difficult. Suppose if your daily caloric requirement is of 2000 calories then spread your meals through out the
day on the basis of this. You could break 500 calories for each meal which would be 1500 calories and the rest 500 calories you could distribute for your snacks, biscuits, mid meals etc.

Keep things in mind that don’t assume your daily calorie requirement and eat on an assumed basis. Choose healthy food options which are low in calories and not provide empty calories. Choose fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, legumes, dairy, lean meats, nuts and seeds etc. Follow the food pyramid for correct distribution of carbohydrates, protein, fats and

Mind it that sugar intake should not cross two tea spoon a day for weight loss. Avoid fortified cereals, oily food, processed food, fats, junk, sweetened beverages etc. Drink loads of water through out the day and please don’t indulge in mid-night munching.

Now that you have managed your diet it is time to incorporate some exercise. Many  people refrain from exercising as they feel its tiring, they have been inactive and the simple reason that they don’t enjoy doing. Well if you want Ideal weight loss and want to slim down within a limited time then you would have to start moving. Diet manages the calorie intake which can be reduced to little lesser calories but it wouldn’t result in fast fat loss as compared to exercise.

Exercise can make you burn 300-400 calories in one session and the muscle you would be building during the session would further boost your metabolism. Cardio exercises like running, swimming, cycling, jogging, skipping etc are effective cardio exercise. Doing high intensity would accelerate the calorie burn. Doing more of the physical activity per day
would give you fast weight loss.

So start following the above guideline and you would start to get Ideal weight loss results. Weight loss is not that difficult as it looks. If doing the above bit is tedious then contact Fitho and we can do for you and all that you have to do is just follow.

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