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I Got A Dream Body

A man’s quest towards a healthy lifestyle while he attempts to get the physique he always dreamt of. Here is a success story of Jeetu Soni who lives in Africa and has lost weight and gotten into a better physique to look better than he has ever before.

Jeetu, at 33, was shocked to be told by that doctor that he is suffering from High BP and high cholesterol.The seriousness of his health struck him when his cholesterol levels rose to 250 range. The doctor confirmed that due to bad eating habits, irregular lifestyle and high consumption of alcohol Jeetu had managed to push his body in this unfit state of affair.

Just like anyone else that hardest part was reversing the lifestyle by taking a control of their eating habit and starting a regular exercise routine.Jeetu struggled each day to start eating right and exercising but each day lead to another and he found it extremely difficult to get things going in his favor.

After some struggle Jeetu stuck out and started off on a slow pace. Gradually his body started to respond to the healthy lifestyle shift. All the stuff that he had heard about body releasing “happy hormones” when you exercise seemed to come true. Besides the weight loss Jeetu was beginning to feel good about himself. This new transition kept him motivated to continue this new healthy lifestyle routine. Hard work eventually paid off and in less than six months his cholesterol levels were down to 180 range.

Now that his lifestyle was in check and he felt comfortable with his new routine Jeetu started to gradually develop a desire to push himself to get a better physique. With just controlling his lifestyle he was able to control his BP and cholesterol but the challenge was to go from his current physique to his dream physique.

Jeetu then decided to seek professional help to get a model like body. Keeping his medical history in mind experts at Fitho started work on him. After understanding his complete medical history and lifestyle Jeetu was put on a combination of diet and exercise program. The diet worked at two levels, first it regulated the nutritional intake and secondly it complemented the workouts that had been specifically designed keeping his target body in mind.  Jeetu saw results in just six months.

You can see the difference too from the before and after images shared by Jeetu post the success of the program.

Jeetu Soni

Jeetu Soni

Jeetu Soni comments after being with Fitho for 6 months on his physical and mental state of being:

When you reach your goal, you will feel powerful, invincible, that you can achieve whatever you want in life. Let me tell you that this feeling leaves you speechless and so happy every second of your life.My life has changed in many ways! I am healthier physically, mentally and emotionally. My self esteem although never low, is at an all time high. I have been the inspiration of many to start their own quest of a healthy lifestyle change and I have finally found a real life passion!

Fitho: If you have a desire and will to lose weight it is not difficult to break all plateau’s and reach your goal. The weight loss was through a balanced diet and exercise. We monitored his calorie intake through a healthy balanced diet which revolved around his current diet. The exercise program helped him increase his metabolism and cut down excess fat from his body and develop muscles for a higher metabolism and a fitter look. Consistent following of weight loss plan and the support of the Personal Health Manager he broke his limit of fitness and worked to a dream body, which he boasts of it proudly now.

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