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Hypothyroidism Diet Chart for Weight Loss

There is a complex relationship between hypothyroidism, BMR and body weight. Hypothyroidism slows down body’s metabolism and as a result, aids weight gain. The extra weight gained during hypothyroidism is also the result of water retention, which is a very common symptom of hypothyroidism. One has to be careful while attempting to lose weight as in hypothyroidism the person’s metabolism is already low and crash diets can lower it further.

Hypothyroidism causes insulin resistance in the body resulting in weight gain. In such a scenario, carbohydrate intake needs to be monitored to decrease any chances of developing diabetes. To manage weight during hypothyroidism is challenging and therefore requires professional guidance to help you get on track.

For thyroid patients simply cutting calories from the diet is not effective in bringing about the weight loss because their metabolism is already on the slower side. They require a combination of diet and exercise to achieve their goal as they both are critical to regulate the metabolism and burn calories.

Here are some basic diet and exercise dos and don’ts for a hypothyroid patient recommended by diet experts:


Sample Diet:-

Breakfast Mid Morning Snack Lunch Evening Snack Dinner
Paneer sandwich with plain lemon water Fruit chaat Salad, Vegetable/dal, Curd, Chapati Chickpeas chat Soup, Vegetable roll


Exercise and diet both go hand in hand to manage weight for a hypothyroid patient.

Some of the benefits of doing exercise during medical condition like hypothyroid to lose weight are:

1)   First, exercise helps you to fight water retention by sweating out the excess water from your body because when you exercise your body’s BMR goes up means body temperature raises.

2)   While doing exercise your body starts burning excess calories that helps in losing weight.

3)   Exercise also promotes better sleep patterns, because when you exercise your body secretes happy hormones that keep stress away throughout the day and helps you sleep better at night because of decreased stress level.

So, you can start with a 15 minute home workout routine that is a combination of cardio, which increases the blood circulation in your body and also prepares your body for the strengthening exercise like knee pushups, lying superman, Russian twist, burpees, jumping jacks, etc. that help in muscle toning. Finish your regimen with stretching exercises that helps in cooling down your body to avoid the chances of muscle injury.

Along with the balanced diet, regular exercising not only helps in building strength, but also increases the metabolism and improves insulin sensitivity. What is needed is proper guidance from an expert regarding diet and exercise for achieving the weight loss target and also to manage the condition of hypothyroidism.

Sample Exercises-

Warm up Strengthen Exercises Stretching exercise
High Front Kick, Toe touch stretch Russian twist, Knee pushups, Lying superman, Frog situps, Leg lift with chair Calf stretch, Thigh stretch, Hamstring stretch, Shoulder stretch, Triceps stretch

It’s a fact that thyroid patients face difficulty in losing weight, due to their subnormal metabolism but there are no shortcuts to weight loss. One has to be patient and focused towards the goal.

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