How To Gain Weight

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Gain Weight

Are you lean and thin and want to gain weight to look muscular and a well proportioned body. Gaining weight is not difficult once you understand the right approach to  achieve your target. The basic of weight gain revolves around the calorie requirement and the calorie consumed with a smart choice of foods for them. One needs to consume extra calories in order to gain weight.

Often people get confuse while trying to gain weight and increase the fat intake resulting in disproportionate distribution of weight, constant feeling of sluggishness and over a period of time can become vulnerable to lifestyle diseases caused by being over-weight. While the other approach is to stick to a healthy diet routine along with the correct exercise that ensures substantial calorie intake and even distribution of muscle gain all over the body, respectively.

If you are interested to know how to get started on a weight gain plan here are some easy tips for you to follow:

Tips to gain weight

Diet: Get a diet chart according to your body type. The diet chart will help you pre-plan for the meals nutrition monitoring the calories required for the meal. To gain weight the calorie intake has to be higher than the calories burnt by the body.

Food Options: It is important to choose healthier food options than just eating whatever come your way. You could eat junk and store the extra calories but that will effect your heart health and general fitness. Instead choose protein rich foods like fish, eggs, lean meats, almonds, milk, dairy products etc which will help build muscles instead of storing fat.

Exercise: To increase muscle mass and burn fat it is important to exercise the body and build muscles. Exercising will increase the appetite and lifting heavy weights will show on the muscles and weight gain. Eating and not exercising will store the protein rich food as it will not get synthesised for muscle repair and building.

Avoid Junk Food: Junk food is not the way for weight gain although many people who are overweight carry the junk burden on their bellies which is not health and leads to obesity and diseases . Junk food is contains a lot of salt which promotes water retention in the body which is not healthy. Avoid junk and choose nutrient rich food options.

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  • TroyP – Cube.Dweller.Fitness

    How does “Genetic Muscular Potential” affect your advise?

    I’ve been digging into the research and eventually we meet a point of diminishing returns and gaining weight (lean weight) is much harder.

    What do you think?

  • thejas.s

    i am 21 year old,my body weight is about 55kg ,actually i need to gain weight, so what is your tips on that,

    please reply

    thank you.

  • ram

    i am 21 years old,
    my body weight is 45kgs and i need to gain weight.which diet and exercise should i need to follow to gain weight.
    reply as soon as possible
    thank you

  • rahul

    plz tell me …… i m thin

  • onslowz kamony

    am 24yrs ,had 46kgs just lost 5kgs how can i gain weight fast

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