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How to Diet

Extra weight is bothering you and everyone is talking about getting on a diet. Excess weight is difficult to lose without the help of a diet. The problem is that you have never been on a diet and dont know how to diet.

A weight loss diet is a food chart prepared by a dietician based on your Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR). Our weight is largely evaluated by BMR. BMR is the basic amount of energy required by any individual for it perform all its body functions (internal and external). BMR slows down with age due to internal changes along with lowered levels of general physical activity. But what doesn’t change with age is our eating habits. We continue to eat the same, if not more. This results in weight gain and thats when you need a diet to lose weight and get fit.

There are different kinds of weight loss diet available but you should consult a professional that emphasizes the importance of a healthy balanced diet. Best diet for weight loss consists of a balanced diet with a moderate exercise routine. A balanced diet does not consist of a high protein diet or a mono-diet (eating one kind of food for a long period of time). It is a combination of different essential nutrients like carbohydrates, fat, protein, minerals and vitamins that help regulate normal functioning of the body resulting in good metabolic rate. The additional benefit of the weight loss diet is that since the nutrition chart is based on your daily body requirement not only you get all the nourishment but it prevents over eating or eating unhealthy food that leads to fat storage in your body.

Weight loss diet is something thats meant for everyone and anyone looking to eat healthy. Diet does not mean starving yourself or eating boiled food. Its easy to quickly lose weight on such extreme diets but the minute you start eating your regular food all that weight comes back on! While a healthy weight loss diet ensures sustainable weight loss.

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