How to control food portions?

Food portions have increased tremendously over the years, whether it is larger meal sizes or just larger portions of everything, and it is showing on our bodies, and the health of the state with India being projected to be the capital in lifestyle disorders like heart disease, diabetes & obesity.



Lack of portion control is the biggest hurdle in achieving a sustained weight loss. To help you control portions, here are some tips that come in handy:

- Use smaller plates or bowls, glasses, mugs, cups etc.
– Only serve on your plate, what you need to eat.
– Avoid eating straight from the packet. Instead, use a plate or bowl.
– Use measuring spoons to measure how much you’re eating.
– Read the nutrition labels about how many servings come in a pack and what constitutes a single serving.
– Resist buying supersized meals or packs
– Go for the children’s section menu, small or medium serving avoid the large ones.
– Store foods in individual boxes than bulk containers

When eating out, visualize a deck of cards for your serving of meat, fish, or poultry (about three ounces); four stacked dice for cubes of cheese (about one ounce); tennis ball for a scoop of ice cream (about half a cup), and nuts which fill up no more than your palm (about one ounce).

Remember in a world of expanding waist lines, educating yourself about what individual portion sizes are, may be your best option for weight control.

Check the obesity guidelines in India- you might be surprised, that a large number of people fall into the obese category!

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  • Pete

    A good way to feel like you’ve eaten more is to cut your food into smaller, but more portions.

  • Abhijit

    Few more practical tips:

    1. Start your meal with sliced salad like cucumber, carrot, Muli, beetroot tomato. Ideal to Eat raw (without Peeled even) to ensure maximum consumption of antioxidants.

    2. Chew each nibble at least 15 to 16 times (Ideal 32)

    3. prepare your next nibble only when you finish chewing your nibble in mouth. (this allow time to your body to indicate stomach-fullness)

    4. Very important eat with intervals of 2 Hr to 3 Hrs. Once you develop this habit, your body itself ask for small portions as there will be another intake after some time.

    5. Last but least, understand why you eat this?
    you are really hungry? or just because you like test? only because someone pressures a lot?

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