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How to Build Muscles

If building muscle is what you want then here is some basic information on muscles and how to exercise them effectively to get the size or definition you are looking for.

What is the most basic function of muscle. Muscle apart from physical appearance is important for movement, to maintain posture and is known as the source of power in the body.

They take care of everything from walking to keeping the blood flowing. The best part about muscles are that they are  long-lasting, they are self-healing and are able to grow stronger with exercise.

There are three types of muscles in the body. Cardiac muscles in the heart take care of the pumping and functioning of heart, second type are the smooth muscles that are found in the walls of the arteries and intestines and lastly the skeletal muscles which cover our outer body, and are often exercised strength and physical shape.

The skeletal muscle is what we want to develop and not the other two smooth and cardiac muscles. Here are tips to build stronger muscle.

Lift heavy weights for bigger muscles: The psychology behind muscle building is to lift heavy weights to build muscles. If there is no involvement and workout of the skeletal muscles then there would be no gain in muscles. So if you want bigger biceps, or triceps or chest etc lift little heavier than what you are presently lifting. If you lift 20 pounds and can do more reps in a single set then add more weight that lets you do only ten reps in a set. Mind the position and style for maximum benefits.

Eat limited protein rich diet: You workout for building muscles but the muscles need food for maintaince, repair and further growth. Eat protein rich diets like lean meat, eggs, fish, dairy, nuts and seeds etc. Protein is the building block of muscle and therefor is essential for the muscle growth and recovery. Proteins keep you fuller for a longer time ensuring strong and optimum functioning of muscles.

Sleep: After exercise and food the next most important thing is sleep to build better muscles.  As the body is resting certain hormones are released in the body that help in muscle repairing. Ensure that you get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep for best results.

Carbs for energy: You have heard it many times before that more muscles in the body increases the metabolic rate of the body. So know how much calorie is required and meet the requirement in order to prevent your body from burning the muscles for energy.

Ensure that you are working out according to your bodytype, eating regularly, stretching after your exercise sessions, getting enough rest, concentrating on more weights than cardio. Incase you are seriously looking to build muscle you should seek professional help to minimize injury and get best results. Read here to know what to keep in mind while selecting a professional service for building muscles.

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