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High Carb Foods can cause Heart Attacks

A new study from Tel Aviv University showed what happens in your body when you eat high-carbohydrate foods. And the results show that eating too much bread might be bad for your heart…

High Carbohydrate foods are bad for heart (smswhelton@flickr)

Researchers fed healthy volunteers one of four meals: cornflakes with milk, a pure sugar mixture, bran flakes, or a placebo (water). (We’ve told you before, that cornflakes are not good for you. Clearly sugar is unhealthy) Then they monitored what was happening to the patients’ arteries in real time.

The result: People who ate high-sugar foods (cornflakes and pure sugar mixture) showed a sudden thickening of their artery walls for several hours—which can worsen the effects of heart disease by stressing your blood supply. In extreme cases, it could even loosen a clot, potentially causing a stroke or heart attack.

So, not only do foods with high carbohydrate content like cornflakes and sugar result in potential heart attacks, but are also foods that make you fat! See the list of unhealthy high carbohydrate foods, that you should avoid.

Avoid the carb-overload foods that put stress on your arteries: among the worst offenders are cornflakes, white bread, French fries, and sugar-sweetened drinks, even orange juices. See this list of healthy snacks. Carbohydrates aren’t the only enemy. Watch your consumption of these high sodium content foods.


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