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Healthy Weight Gain Tips

Wanting to gain weight might not be a predicament for most, but there are the select few out there. There are skinny men and women who want to look more filled out, but just have a really hard time doing it.

The obvious answer. Just eat high calorie junk food, relax on your couch and you’ll see yourself filling out. But we wish it was that simple. First, because even that doesn’t work sometimes. And if that does work, then you only get fat from it. And who wants to get fat?

So, for those of you looking to have healthy weight gain, read on … hopefully, you’re not losing weight as you read this, but it’ll be worth it :)

We’ll break the concept down a little. Our body is like a machine, a pretty phenomenal one. To perform any activity, your body requires fuel. We fuel it through food. Now, if you perform activities that require more fuel than you provide it, it starts looking for fuel in your body. But if you provide it with more fuel than it requires, then it stores it for use some other time.

That seems simple, but right there it becomes a little complicated. Our body stores energy in multiple way- fat, glycogen and muscle, depending on what you eat and what kind of activity you do. The ideal way to have healthy weight gain is to add muscle, but its the trickiest. (Ladies, do not worry that muscle will make you bulky. If it was so easy to become bulky, then wouldn’t all the men be like Hulk Hogan)
And as is obvious, gaining weight from fat isn’t healthy but it is the easiest.

Now, how do you really gain weight by adding muscle? By doing the right combination of exercise and diet.

Since many cases tend to be specific, some general advice is to regularly exercise, and feed your muscles appropriately. Instead of eating 3 large meals a day, break them up into 6 more frequent ones. Muscles need fuel often, otherwise they start cannibalizing themselves (How crazy is that, but its true)

So, feed yourself often and more. Add some protein and good carbohydrates in your diet. Feed those muscles and watch yourself gaining healthy weight in the right places.

Yoghurt is an excellent source of protein and carbohydrates. See these benefits of yoghurt.

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