Healthy Pizza Options
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Healthy Pizza Options: Eat this, not that

Pizza is generally not the healthiest food around, but we all love pizza, and are definitely going to eat it.
If you’re going to eat pizza, why not make the right choices, so you can enjoy your pizza and not feel guilty about eating unhealthy!

The choices on your pizza can make a big difference in terms of calories, fat content and other factors. Read on to know how you can shave off, up to 400 calories from your pizza!

Thin crust vs Thick crust : Pizza dough is made from refined flour, that has a high glycemic index (which stores fat in your body) and a fairly low amount of dietary fiber. So opting for a thin crust pizza will help you consume less of dough, which in turn decrease the calorie intake and you will have to burn less calories as compared to a thick crust pizza. Whole wheat crust is a healthy option to the refined flour crust pizza.

Small size vs Medium Size: Portion control is important whether you eat thin crust or thick crust. More you eat, more will be the calorie intake. So eat less & store fewer calories & fat.

Mozzarella vs Parmesan Cheese: Cheese has high fat content & thus a high calorie content. So, the more cheese on your pizza, the higher its calorie & fat content. Opt for Parmesan cheese which is lower in fat that mozzarella. Or ask for low fat cheese.

Chicken vs Pepperoni: Chicken meat is lean meat and low in fat and sodium where as pepperoni and sausage has high fat content and sodium.

Veggies: Load your pizza with veggies for their goodness- mushrooms, onions, tomatoes jalapenos, and other veggie toppings.

White sauce vs Tomato Sauce: The white sauce is high fat and is refined flour present in it makes it fattening. Whereas tomato sauce is healthier as it contains lycopene and is very nutritious.

Bake your own pizza: Baking your own pizza can provide you with more healthy options. The ingredients you use on your pizza can be less in calories and fat. You can opt for fresh vegetables and select meats with low fat. The quantity and quality of sauce can be regulated to your own taste and cheese can be selected of your choice and quantity.

So, go ahead, enjoy your pizza and be healthy!

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