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Healthy Parathas Recipe

‘Healthy Parathas’ (paranthas) sounds unbelievable, but there are options to make a paratha healthier. Use less ghee/oil and make it from whole wheat (atta), as opposed to refined wheat (maida). Whole wheat has more fiber, protein and vitamins, than refined wheat. Refined wheat (maida) also makes your blood sugar spike, due to its high glycemic index, and it make you fat.

You can do this at home, but when you go out, its tough. We love our parathas, but not the lard that comes with them. So, we mostly stick with eating rotis when eating out. The restaurants just don’t seem to understand that food can have flavour without dousing it in a vat of lard.

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But there is one place that serves healthy paranthas. Actually, a chain of restaurants in New Delhi, that serves over a 100 types of parathas- Not Just Paranthas.  They have healthier versions of most paranthas called ‘diet parathas’. These are made from whole grains, roasted instead of fried and served without ghee if you specify.

Eating the ‘diet parantha’ is much better choice- its got fewer calories, less fat since they skip the ghee, more fiber and protein since its made from whole grains, and does not promote fat storage, since its not made from refined wheat (maida). Its a no-brainer :)

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