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Healthy Gift Ideas

There are lots of healthy gift ideas. Food seems to be the natural choice for healthy gifts. Often these aren’t really healthy foods, just healthier versions of really unhealthy foods. Say for example, low sugar chocolates which still have high fat content, or low fat cakes that are loaded with sugar! Neither of these really help you get healthy. So, what are great options for healthy gifts, beyond supposedly healthy gifts?

We’ve got our list of healthy gifts. Let’s show you…

Gift of Slimming

Healthy Foods: The most natural of all gift ideas seems to be food. So, let’s see what’s healthy and why:

Nuts: Dry fruits are common gift item. But not all dry fruits are healthy. Dates, figs, raisins and other sweet fruits that are dried are somewhat nutritious, but also high in sugar calories. Better options are nuts like almonds, walnuts & cashews. These are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals & more nutrition. Note that nuts can be high in calories, since they have relatively higher fat content (mostly healthy unsaturated fat)

Dark Chocolate: Not exactly the healthiest option, but probably among the better ones among desserts. Real dark chocolate can be healthier is lower in sugar content that regular chocolate, and also has a higher cocoa content, which means fewer simple carbohydrates & more antioxidants.

Fruits: Better than dry fruits, why not send fresh fruits. Great nutrition, taste great, and good for your health!

Tea/Coffee: Tea and coffee are loaded with antioxidants and have literally no calories by themselves. Green tea has weight loss benefits, as does coffee. So, gifting some nice coffee, or organic green tea is a great idea.

Going beyond food, there are plenty of healthy gift options as well …

Gift vouchers: Show that you really care by giving the gift of health. Give a gift voucher for a wellness/fitness program. If you have a friend/family member who wants to get fit, lose weight or even gain weight .. or you just think that a fitness program would really help them, why not give them a gift of health and fitness!

Basically, there a plenty of healthy gift options for you. So, go ahead and gift healthy!

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