Is Your Daily Tea and Biscuits making you Gain Weight?
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Is Your Daily Tea and Biscuits Making you Gain Weight?

Our evenings seem incomplete without a proper tea time break. The break in which we kick back and relax with a cup of tea/coffee. That moment spent in sheer happiness while enjoying our favourite beverage feels incomplete without a side serving of munchies. More often than not the side accompaniment is a biscuit. Out of habit our hands naturally inch towards the box of biscuits that were bought especially to be had at tea time.

Usually biscuits have a social significance attached to them. All of us stock our snack boxes with biscuits of different kinds. They are the staple snack offered to any guests who show up at our doorsteps. Serving tea/coffee without biscuits is not just rude but also never heard of. Kids love the cream filled biscuits while the ones which have been assigned for dipping in the tea and eating are Marie and Parle G. Now all of us have our preferred choice when it comes to biscuits. We love our hide and seeks and Milanos and take delight in every bite. Little do we realize how many calories our favourite snack adds to our system?

So to understand our food and calorie intake better let’s simplify them.

Given below is a nutrition breakdown of our everyday teatime beverage:

Type of beverage Calories Fats Carbohydrates Proteins
One cup of Milk Tea with sugar 30 0.82g 4.97g 0.93g
One cup of Milk Tea without sugar 17 0.84g 1.51g 0.95g
One cup of Liquor tea 2 0g 0.76g 0.02g
One cup of Green Tea 2 0g 0.47g 0g
One cup of coffee with milk and sugar 30 0.14g 7.14g 0.31g
One cup of Coffee with Milk –no sugar 6 0.15g 0.84g 0.33g
One cup of Espresso 0 0.18g 0g 0.1g

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Now after the beverage analysis we come to the calorie heavy part- the biscuits. To make things easier for you we have provided the nutrition table for each type of biscuits which we usually end up eating.

Type of Biscuits Calories per biscuits Fats Carbohydrates Proteins
Britannia Marie Gold 25 0.58g 4.16g 0.5g
Sunfeast Marie Light 22 0.6g 3.81g 0.42g
Britannia Nutri choice 81 3.5g 11g 1.4g
McVities Digestive 71 3.1g 10.3g 1.1g
Hide n Seek 30 1.1g 4.5g 0.4g
Milano Choco-chip cookies 87 4.3g 11g 0.8g
Cream filled- bourbon 67 3.1g 9.2g 0.7g
Wheat Rusk 43 1g 8g 1g
Cake rusk 120 5g 16g 2g
Milk rusk 43 1g 7g 1g
Sooji Rusk 43 1g 8g 1g
Glucose- ParleG, Tiger 22 0.6g 3.6g 1.25g
Cream Crackers 39 1.2g 6.07g 0.75g
Monaco salted 15 0.68g 1.95g 0.21g

The thing to keep in mind is that biscuits can promote fat storage in your body. It is a fact that all sorts of biscuits are made using similar ingredients and aren’t exactly a source of high nutrition. Clearly wheat rusks are healthier than wheat biscuits which are in turn healthier than other biscuits, so it is more a question of which biscuit is the least harmful or least loaded with calories. Let’s discuss the major ingredients which can make a biscuit healthy or unhealthy.

Wheat Flour: The term wheat flour mentioned in ingredients list is the refined wheat flour a.k.a Maida. These refined forms of flour barely contain any amount of fiber in it. They also lack all kinds of vitamins, which are lost during the processing of this flour. Due to the lack of fiber it can cause many digestive issues like constipation and irregular bowel movement that leads to weight gain.

Hydrogenated fat: It is a kind of trans fat, which is used during the processing of biscuits in order to increase their shelf life.Trans fat is known to increase bad cholesterol and decrease good cholesterol levels in the body. They also increase chances of diabetes and cardiovascular disorders.

Sugar: Biscuits contain moderate to high amounts of sugar and act as empty calories. If taken in higher amounts it can cause various disorders such as obesity, diabetes, etc. It also gives sudden spike to the blood sugar levels. Read about how to control sugar cravings.

So from the above mentioned points we can conclude that:

Interesting Fact: Britannia Marie Gold says, 1 pack of Marie Gold contains the same amount of protein of 1 glass of milk. But one pack of Marie Gold contains 616 calories, whereas 1 glass of low fat milk is about 60-80 calorie with added health benefits. Now you can decide your own source of protein.

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