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Healthiest Wheat Biscuits in India

Every time you think of relishing a cup of refreshing tea or coffee the first beverage accompaniment that strikes your mind is biscuit. While some love to gorge on the cream filled biscuits, some health enthusiasts prefer having health or diet biscuits. We have already mentioned earlier how biscuits can promote fat storage in your body, this time we are going to put light on the nutritional facts of those so called diet or high fibre biscuits.

It is a fact that all sorts of biscuits are made using similar ingredients and aren’t exactly a source of high nutrition. Clearly wheat biscuits are healthier than normal biscuits (or chocolate biscuits), so it was more a question of which wheat biscuits are the least harmful.

Let’s discuss the major ingredients which can make a biscuit healthy or unhealthy

Wheat Flour: The term wheat flour mentioned in ingredients list is the refined wheat flour. These refined forms of flour barely contain any amount of fiber in it. They also lack all kinds of vitamins, which are lost during the processing of this flour. Due to the lack of fiber it can cause many digestive issues like constipation and irregular bowel movement that leads to weight gain
Hydrogenated fat:It is a kind of trans fat, which is used during the processing of biscuits in order to increase their shelf life.Trans fat is known to increase bad cholesterol and decrease good cholesterol levels in the body. They also increase chances of diabetes and cardiovascular disorders.
Sugar:Biscuits contain moderate to high amounts of sugar and act as empty calories. If taken in higher amounts it can cause various disorders such as obesity, diabetes, etc. It also gives sudden spike to the blood sugar levels.

So from the above mentioned points we can conclude that:

• Biscuits cannot be low on calorie, because two out of three major ingredients comes with only calories and not any nutritional benefits, which will lead to weight gain.
• Biscuits are not a good source of fiber, because they come along with a very high amount of calories. One serving of fruit provides same amount of fiber as of one biscuit that too with negligible amount of calories.
Below is the nutrition information of healthiest wheat biscuits in India, namely, Britannia Marie Gold, Sunfeast Marie Lite, Britannia NutriChoice and McVities (the original). (Note: All nutritional facts are per 100 gms of each product)

Nutritional Value:

 Nutrients  Britannia Marie Gold  Sunfeast Marie Lite  Britannia NutriChoice  McVities Digestive
Total Calories(Kcal)   441  446 487 478
Calories from sugar(Kcal) 108  77 60 60
 Calories from fat(Kcal) 105  107 225  197
 Carbohydrates(g)  76.5(27g from sugar) 76.3(19.2 from sugar)  58(15g from sugar)  63.4(15g sugar)
 Protien(g) 8.0  8.4 7.5 6.7
 Fat(g)  11.5  11.9  25.0 21.9
Fiber(g)  3.2  3.4 6.0 3.4

Interesting Observation:
Britannia Marie Gold says, 1 pack of Marie Gold contains the same amount of protein of 1 glass of milk. But one pack of Marie Gold contains 616 calories, whereas 1 glass of low fat milk is about 60-80 calorie.
Now you can decide your own source of protein.

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