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Healthiest Chocolate in India

We all love chocolate, but do you know- Which is the healthiest chocolate? which is the lowest calorie chocolate? which chocolate has the highest fat? which is the highest calorie chocolate?

Fitho has done an analysis of the popular chocolate bars and has all the answers for you. So, which are the popular ones that we considered: Kitkat, Mars, Snickers, Cadbury Dairy Milk, 5 Star, Munch, Twix and Gems

As a standard, all these chocolates have sugar as first ingredient. Most of them have another form of carbohydrate or fat as the second ingredient as a second ingredient. Snickers had peanuts as its second ingredient! (We really liked that) Understand why order of ingredient listing matters!

The standard favourite of all kids- Cadbury Dairy Milk came out with the highest fat content at 29 gm of fat, per 100 gm of chocolate.

Snickers had the lowest carbohydrates. So, if you’re watching your diet intake of carbs, Snickers is your best choice. It had a high fat content from its peanut content. And we all know how nuts are good for health.

One of the biggest suprises was that Kitkat uses hydrogenated vegetable oils. As a result, Kitkat contains trans fatty acids! Note that Gems, Munch and 5 Star also uses hydrogenated vegetable fat. Normally that leads to trans fatty acids, but Gems did not list the details of fat content.

The lowest calorie chocolate and lowest fat content was Gems surprisingly, at 390 calories and 13.4 gm of fat.

So, what is Fitho’s choice of the healthiest chocolate– Snickers! Even with a high calorie content, we liked that it had the lowest carbohydrate content, and that it contained lots of peanuts! Quality of ingredients is always a key factor.

Read about chocolate health benefits and know the healthiest among dark, white and milk chocolate. Regardless of which chocolate you eat, they’ve all got lots of sugar and fat, so its best to share your chocolate. Win favours and avoid the extra calories!

Below is the nutritional information for leading 4 chocolates in India:
: 486 calories, 6.5 gm protein, 60 gm carbohydrates, 24.5 gm fat, 23.5 gm saturated fat, 0.5 unsaturated fatty acids, 0.5 gm trans fatty acids, 192 mg calcium
Ingredients: sugar, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, milk solids, wheat flour, cocoa solids

Mars: 455 calories, 4.3 gm protein, 68.5 gm carbohydrates (sugar 62 gm), 18 gm fat (saturated fat 8 gm), 1 gm fiber
Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, vegetable fat (palm oil), cocoa mass, skim milk powder, whey powder

Snickers: 506 calories, 9.5 gm protein, 55.4 gm carbohydrates, 27.4 gm fat
Ingredients: Sugar, peanuts, glucose syrup, skim milk powder, vegetable fat, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, whey powder

Cadbury Dairy Milk: 529.7 calories, 10.2 gm protein, 59.7 gm carbohydrates (sugar 56.5 gm), 29 gm fat
Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, milk solids, cocoa solids

Cadbury 5 Star:  440.6 calories: 3.9 gm protein, 72.3 gm carbohydrates (sugar 52.3 gm), 16 gm fat
Ingredients: Liquid glucose, sugar, hydrogenated vegetable fats, milk solids, cocoa solids,

Munch: 480 calories: 5.9 gm protein, 64.6 gm carbs (sugar 27.5 gms), 21.5 gm, trans fatty acids: 0.1 gm, calcium 106 mg
Ingredients: sugar, wheat flour, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, milk solids, cocoa solids

Twix: 492 calories: 4.8 gm protein, 64.0 carbs, 24.1 gms fat
Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, wheat flour, vegetable fat, skim milk powder, cocoa butter

Gems: 390 calories: 4.8 gm protein, 64.4 gm carbs (60.1 gm sugar), 13.4 gm fat
Ingedients: Sugar, milk solids, hydrogenated vegetable fat, cocoa solids

Note: All weights and nutritional analysis is per 100 gms of each product.

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