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Workouts effect

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Articles - Workouts effect

Boot Camp Workouts

Time to  get off the couch, boring gym or your mundane routine! Kick-start your fitness routine with Fitho's all new Boot Camp Workouts An exclusive boot camp that will tone your body, build core strength & whip you into shape!The high-energy workouts, delivered by Fitho Tr...Read More


...Read More

Health News - Workouts effect

The Effect of Heat on Belly Fat

To lose belly fat, many people attempt to use heat to burn off the calories. This can take several forms, including sitting in a sauna, wearing an abdominal belt or exercising in a plastic body suit. Although increasing the temperature can make you sweat more, it does not necessarily translate into ...Read More

The Craziest Side Effect Ever

When fine print backfires: Side-effect warnings for a medication may actually increase product sales, says a new study in Psychological Science. Researchers showed participants TV advertisements with and without potential risks and found that, immediately after seeing a warning ad, participan...Read More

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