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Does Low Calorie Diet Work?

Have you ever ...Read More

Work on this muscle to burn more fat

Do muscles burn fat? The human body will burn more calories to maintain a pound of muscle than it will to maintain a pound of fat. Therefore, the more muscle you build, the more calories your body will naturally burn...Read More

Health News - Work out

You hear a lot about work-life balance. But for guys who spend their 9-to-5 at home, work-life boundaries may be just as important, indicates a new study from the U.K.If you live and work in the same place,...

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How Does a 5K Run Work?

Runners at all skill levels enjoy the challenge of completing a 5-kilometer race. If you are a novice, your motivation may be simply to cross the finish line, however, if you are an experienced runner, your goal may be speed. No matter your personal target, a 5K race offers you a fun opportunity to ...Read More

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