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Vibrating waist machine for weight control

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Articles - Vibrating waist machine for weight control

Portion Control and Weight Loss

One of the major factors that can help you to achieve your weight loss goals and maintain a healthy body weight is eating good quality nutrition in appropriate portions. Portion control directly helps you to lose weight by...Read More

Control Diabetes & Weight Loss - Suresh

About: 34 year old, married PR/Media professional with a daughter. He overcame diabetes and lost weight with Fitho “In the month of Feb, I have had a high blood sugar level, measuring at 340 mg. The doctor prescribed pills for diabetes an...Read More

Health News - Vibrating waist machine for weight control

How to Lose Weight Between Waist and Hips

Unsightly fat between the waist and hips causes a negative impact on self-esteem -- especially when trying to look good in tight clothing. When this fat builds up in the stomach particularly, you also have to worry about your overall health. Visceral fat, which packs around the organs, raises the ri...Read More

How to Lose Weight Around the Waist & Keep Your Hips & Butt

Carrying extra weight in the waist area is detrimental to your health because of its proximity to the major organs. Losing this weight while maintaining your hips and butt takes a little precision. Exercise plays a major role, but you also have to make a few tweaks to your diet. The effectiveness of...Read More

Calorie Nutrition - Vibrating waist machine for weight control


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