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Twist yoga pose

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Articles - Twist yoga pose

Half Spinal Twist Pose (Ardha-matsyendrasana)

Sanskrit word “Ardha’ means half. “Matsyendra” is one of many Siddhas or masters who where accomplished Yogis mentioned in the medieval Yoga text the Hatha-Yoga-Pradipika. This asana is known as Spinal Twist because the spinal column is twisted gently....Read More

Russian Twist

Watch the video, know how to perform the Russian Twist ...Read More

Health News - Twist yoga pose

The Calories Burned By Doing a Torso Twist

The torso twist is a strength-training exercise designed to tone the ab and core muscles. Like sit-ups and other natural resistance exercises, torso twists are generally not effective for burning large amounts of calories on their own. For best results, combine your torso twist exercise with a circu...Read More

Yoga and the Mind: Can Yoga Reduce Symptoms of Major Psychiatric Disorders?

Follow @TIMEHealthlandYoga does the body good, and according to a new study, it may ease the mind as well.“Yoga has also become such a cultural phenomenon that it has become difficult for physicians and consumers to differentiate legitimate claims from hype,” researchers from Duke Unive...Read More

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