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Regular exercising is an important part of staying healthy. People, who are active, live longer and feel healthier. Exercises for each body part, wil...Read More
Traps Exercises
The trapezius or 'traps' are one of the major muscles of the back and control movement and rotation of the scapula (shoulder blades). It stabilizes the scapu...Read More
Tricep Exercises
Tricep Muscles are situated at the back of your upper arms comprising 60% of your arms. They oppose the ...Read More
Hamstrings Exercises
Hamstrings are the often ignored (but key) muscle group running up the back of the leg from the knee to the butt. Although, these muscles are not vo...Read More
Back Exercises
Back Muscles: The number of muscles having one or both attachments within the back as a who...Read More
Thigh Exercises
Toned thighs are great for your body. They help you look good in shorts, and provide functional strength to perform any of your daily activities. The trick t...Read More
Bicep Exercises
Bicep Muscles are located at the front of your upper arm. Bicep muscles are the ones you flex when showing someone how big the muscles in your ...Read More