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Articles - Tumi exercises


Regular exercising is an important part of staying healthy. People, who are active, live longer and feel healthier. Exercises for each body part, will help you build a better body. Click on any of the links below to see the list of exercises for each of the body parts to perform in ...Read More

Thigh Exercises

Leg Muscles: Leg muscles support body weight when doing most activities, like walking, running and jogging. Building the leg muscles will strengthen the body and build endurance. Most of the biggest and strongest muscles are presen...Read More

Health News - Tumi exercises

Are Resistance Band Exercises Equivalent to Dumbbell Exercises?

Resistance bands are less expensive, lighter and more portable than dumbbells. You can do many of the same exercises with either resistance bands or dumbbells. However, each type of resistance has qualities that make it more appropriate to use for certain exercises. You might want to use both types ...Read More

The Best Exercises When You Have DDD of L3 and L4

Degenerative disc disease, or DDD, occurs as part of the normal aging process. DDD, which is one of the more common causes for back pain, causes the discs in the spinal column to lose some of their cushioning. L3 and L4 are two of the discs in the lumbar area of the lower back. Certain exercises can...Read More

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