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Articles - Sweating

Does Sweating Help You Lose Weight?

Know if sweating help you to lose weight or not. Explained by Dhruv Gupta, founder of Fitho Weight Loss Diet & co-author of popular weight loss book - Losing It - Making Weight Loss Simple. ...Read More

Does Sweating Result in Weight Loss

One of the most common myths in fitness is that...Read More

Health News - Sweating

Dose Sweating While Exercising Burn More Calories?

Exercise intensity can range from light to moderate to vigorous. Because it takes more energy to perform strenuous activities than low-impact exercises, perspiration is a sign that your body is working hard and burning more calories. In order words, the harder you work out, the more you will sweat a...Read More

Good things come to those who wait to work out. Hitting the gym in the evening may produce bigger heart benefits than sweating in the a.m., according to new research from China. People who regularly worked...

...Read More

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