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Squat stand

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Head-stand (Sirshasana)

Sanskrit word “Sirsha” means ‘head’. While performing this pose the practitioner balances his body on the head, therefore this asana is also known as the head stand pose.Benefits of the Head-stand (Sirshasana) The greatest ph...Read More

Shoulder-stand Pose (Sarvangasana)

The Sarvangasana said to benefit the whole body. While performing this asana the whole body weight rests on the shoulders and the neck and the upper back is stretched to the limit, therefore this asana is also known as the shoulder stand pose. Ben...Read More

Health News - Squat stand

The burpee—which entails going from a squat to a pushup position to a squat again as quickly as possible—may be one of the hardest body-weight moves known to man. Banging out a few sets is a muscle-burning...

...Read More

Women Who Stand By Their NuvaRing

Follow @TIMEHealthThere’s the 24-year-old who stopped breathing, had two heart attacks, and died on life support. There’s the mother whose two-year-old son watched her go into a seizure. And there’s the college student who started spitting up blood while having lunch with her d...Read More

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