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Prevent sore workout

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Articles - Prevent sore workout

Relieve Sore Muscles

First, let us tell you why muscles become sore after working out?Whenever you engage in an unusual level of physical activity like lifting weights or jogging, or simply moving heavy furniture, you create microscopic tears in your muscle tissue (this is normal). When your b...Read More

Have You Skipped Your Workout? Continue With Your Normal Workout Routine

Question / Dilemma: Got badly caught up in work and didn't go to the gym for three days? Ab kya karu? Answer: Don’t worry. Just because you missed the gym doesn't mean you need to spend an additional hour in the gym for the remaining days of the week...Read More

Health News - Prevent sore workout

My Butt Is Sore After a Workout With a Leg Press

Leg presses build muscles in your legs and buttocks. Specifically, the exercise develops your hamstrings, quadriceps and gluteus maximus, or glutes. Your glutes are large muscle groups that contribute to the shape of your buttocks. Leg presses are effective, so expect some soreness after your workou...Read More

Sore Legs on Game Day

You probably work out regularly to get yourself in peak physical condition for game day. Paradoxically, those workouts could leave you sore on the day of the game. Too little exercise before a competition could also cause soreness during the game as unprepared muscles strain to perform. Strike a bal...Read More

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