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Myths about bikram yoga

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Articles - Myths about bikram yoga

Bikram Hot Yoga- Benefits, Myths

I'm sure you've heard that Bikram Yoga is all the rage. We've all seen pictures of half naked people sweating their bodies away in super heated rooms while holding all those difficult yoga positions! So, here's a little bit about Bikram Yoga- it was developed by ...Read More

5 Biggest Myths about Dieting

Dieting is the most common practice used by people to lose weight. But it needs to be followed in an effective and safe way. Many people end up getting carried away by some common dieting myths, leading to weight gain instead of weight loss and certain lifestyle related diseases. Following are th...Read More

Health News - Myths about bikram yoga

Bikram Yoga & Serotonin

Bikram, or hot yoga, is a modern form of an ancient system of postures and breathing that developed many centuries ago in India. All forms of yoga are meant to increase your flexibility, regulate your breathing and put your mind into a meditative mode, which may stimulate serotonin release in your b...Read More

My Ribs Hurt With Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is a specific form of yoga that encompasses 26 postures and a room that is hot and humid. The process of contorting the body for the different poses, coupled with the heat and humidity can cause significant discomfort in many parts of the body, including the chest wall. Pain in or near t...Read More

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