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Kellogs k challenge

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Articles - Kellogs k challenge

Special K Diet Challenge: Does it work?

You've probably seen the Special K cereal advertisement for the Kellogg's Special K Diet Challenge: 2 meals, 2 weeks, and lose upto 2.5 kg of weight! What is the Special K diet challenge? Does the Special K diet really help you lose weight? If it does, is the Special K diet challenge real...Read More

Health News - Kellogs k challenge

‘Environment’ Poses a Knotty Challenge in Autism

Parents of children with autism often ask pediatricians like me about the cause of the condition, and parents-to-be often ask what they can do to reduce the risk. But although there is more research in this area than ever before, it sometimes feels as if it’s getting harder, not...Read More

Weekend Challenge: Medicine-Ball Slam

Sculpt strong abs with one powerful—and effective—move Continue reading →...Read More

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