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Hypothyroiism plan

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Articles - Hypothyroiism plan

Exercise Plan

Exercise Plan Exercise is essential to living healthier and to lose weight faster! So, while you lose weight, we encourage you to exercise. On the Fitho plan, you have an optional ...Read More

Healthy Diet Plan

Our body requires food to function. What kind...Read More

Health News - Hypothyroiism plan

Plan B One-Step Now For Sale: What You Should Know

Follow @TIMEHealthlandAfter a years-long battle in the courts, Plan B-One Step is is now available without a prescription on pharmacy shelves. Since the early 2000s, women’s reproductive health groups have been pushing to get Plan B over-the-counter after studies showed the emergency contrace...Read More

FDA Approves OTC Plan B For All Ages

Follow @TIMEHealthlandThe morning-after pill is finally going over-the-counter.The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved unrestricted sales of Plan B One-Step, lifting all age limits on the emergency contraceptive.The move came a week after the Obama administration ended months of back-...Read More

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