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How to improve your waist to hip ratio

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Articles - How to improve your waist to hip ratio

How to Get a Model Backside, Perfect Waist to Hip Ratio

How to get a shapely butt? That's a question many women ask. But its valid for men too. Besides vanity, its great for your health. So, besides telling you how to get a shapely butt, we'll tell you why you should. We're not talking size zero now... A great backside is about having shapely ...Read More

Love Pickles? Watch that waist

Yes, pickles can make you look fat! Read on to find out Pickles are an integral part of diets in many cultures across the world, including India. All sorts of fruits, vegetables, and even meats are pickled in India....Read More

Health News - How to improve your waist to hip ratio

Ideal Height-to-Weight Ratio for a Pear-Shaped Body Type

According to the American Dietetic Association, people who tend to accumulate weight in the thighs and buttocks area are pear-shaped. The body is classified as pear-shaped if the waist-to-hip ratio, or WHR, is 0.80 or lower, which can be found by calculating the size of the waist divided by the size...Read More

Your chair time is hindering your strength gains at the gym. From your commute to your desk job to your time parked in front of the plasma, all this sitting has caused your hip flexors—the group of muscles...

...Read More

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