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Gomukhasana steps

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Articles - Gomukhasana steps

Cow-face Pose (Gomukhasana)

Sanskrit word 'Gomukha' means head of a cow. While performing gomukhaasana legs assume a triangular form and the body in this position resembles the cow's head. Therefore this asana is also known as cow-face pose.Benefits of the Cow-face Pose (Gomukh...Read More

6 Steps to a Flat Stomach

Getting restless seeing your belly fat? Well you should be a concerned (see how belly fat is harmful). But since you've decided to take action, here are 6 simple steps you can take to reduce flatten your belly.To rea...Read More

Health News - Gomukhasana steps

3 Steps to a Longer Life

The average American lives to be 78. In fact, the United States ranked 50th out of 221 countries in terms of the longest life expectancy, according to a study undertaken by the CIA.More from The Best Foods for MenCertainly, the Japanese diet—full of fish and overflowing with t...Read More

10 Steps to the Perfect First Date

Some first-date moves are obvious. For instance, 95 percent of women want you to compliment them on how they look, according to a dating survey from The same survey found it's a good idea to call or text her on the day-of to confirm, and to drop more than $30 on dinner.  But the...Read More

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