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Healthy Gift Ideas

There are lots of healthy gift ideas. Food seems to be the natural choice for healthy gifts. Often these aren't really healthy foods, just healthier versions of really unhealthy foods. Say for example, low sugar chocolates which still have high fat content, or low fat cakes that are loaded with s...Read More

Healthy Options When You Eat Outside

Celebrations and gatherings often take you out for lunches and dinners. Parties, marriages and office meeting wire you up all the time and you probably eat out most of the time. You get variety of food that confuses your mind and makes you indulge in eating all your favorite food laden with bu...Read More

Health News - Gift options

The Best Non-Dairy Options to Milk

Got milk? Not anymore. In the latest sign that milk is losing the marketing battle to dairy alternatives, the industry announced this week that it would trade in its 20-year-old white-mustachioed ad campaign for a more competitive spin on the dietary staple.Milk consumption per capita has been ...Read More

  Watches for Any BudgetOne style, three options

MUSTThis affordable find from Michael Kors is a relief for your wallet and for hunger ($295, For every watch sold, the United Nations World Food Programme delivers 100 meals to children in need.LUST This Swiss-made chronograph from 88 Rue du Rhone has the same bold blue dial, but w...Read More

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