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Flabby arm exercises

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Articles - Flabby arm exercises

Lose flabby arms, get toned arms

One of the biggest myths is fat loss, is spot reduction- the ability to reduce fat in only certain areas of the body. This myth is only propagated by advertisements of shady gyms and health equipment manufacturers promising 'spot reductions'. If you lose fat, you lose fat from all over yo...Read More

Abs - Best exercises to get them!

We all have abs hidden under layers of fat. Well defined abs are a lot of hard work that require burning away all the fat on it with the help of a strict diet and exercise. . If abs is what you are looking to work on then check out this list of exercises below for some ...Read More

Health News - Flabby arm exercises

While the overhead press will give you boulder shoulders, it only works the top and back shoulder muscles. Pressing the weight on an angle—like you do with the single-arm landmine press—recruits the...

...Read More

What Exercise Gets Rid of a Flabby Chest?

No exercise targets chest flab, as spot-reducing body fat is impossible. However, doing brisk cardiovascular exercise shrinks excess body fat wherever you have it, including your chest area. Once you trim the top layer of fat and reveal the underlying muscle, any strength-training you do for your up...Read More

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