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Exercises effective to reduce cholestrol

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Articles - Exercises effective to reduce cholestrol

What is Better and More Effective than Walking?

Many people include walking in their routine because they think this will help them manage their weight. But did you know that simply walking everyday is not sufficient to shed those pounds, unless you are actually following a strictly balanced and healthy diet. Check out some options that might ...Read More

Fitness Trackers and Apps - How Effective They Are?

Smart phones are great tools for monitoring fitness and diet goals. They give constant reminders and it is easy to check progress. But these trackers and fitness apps have both advantages and disadvantages.  ...Read More

Health News - Exercises effective to reduce cholestrol

Most Effective Exercises to Burn Fat That Are Easy on Joints

As folks age or put on extra weight, exercises that are easy on the joints become more important. Keeping your joints healthy ensures you can remain physically active and can continue to conduct your daily activities. Arthritis, a disease that means “joint inflammation,” is common among ...Read More

Are Resistance Band Exercises Equivalent to Dumbbell Exercises?

Resistance bands are less expensive, lighter and more portable than dumbbells. You can do many of the same exercises with either resistance bands or dumbbells. However, each type of resistance has qualities that make it more appropriate to use for certain exercises. You might want to use both types ...Read More

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