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Exercise to replace push ups

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Articles - Exercise to replace push ups

Push-Ups With Feet On An Exercise Ball

Watch the video, know how to perform the Push-Ups With Feet On An Exercise Ball ...Read More

Push Ups- Best exercise for upper body & abs

...Read More

Health News - Exercise to replace push ups

What Exercise Can I Do to Replace Burpees?

A burpee is an exercise that has several movements to work the major muscle groups for strength and cardiovascular health. You can replace the standard burpee by substituting separate movements or completing a variation that adds intensity. These changes let people at all exercise intensity levels g...Read More

Counter Push-Ups vs. Knee Push-Ups

Both counter push-ups and knee push-ups are ideal for beginners, according to the American Council on Exercise. These modified versions of the standard push-up help build upper-body strength to prepare you for a full-body push-up routine. After successfully completing a counter push-up, you should b...Read More

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