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Exercise for tummy

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Articles - Exercise for tummy

Exercise - How often and how much?

A regular exercise routine is really important when you want to have a fit, toned and healthy body. But the question is how often and how much should you exercise to reach your health goals. Under exercising or over exercising can affect your body adversely. Under exercising will not give you suf...Read More

Can Exercise Make You Fat

Some researchers are of a belief that exercise makes you fat. And if we continue to be moderately physically active it is enough to maintain the weight. According to them sweating it out in the gym only makes you fat and does not really help in any ...Read More

Health News - Exercise for tummy

How to Tone the Upper Arms & Tummy

A toned body is characterized by lean, defined muscles with little visible body fat. Achieving this aesthetic with your upper arms and tummy is a big confidence booster. The game plan involved takes discipline and the right changes to your lifestyle. Exercise is an obvious key component, but you als...Read More

What Causes a Tummy Pouch in Skinny Girls?

Having a distended stomach can bother any girl, especially one who is slim everywhere else. Your tummy pouch may be genetic or caused by lifestyle habits. Regardless of the reason, you can take steps to minimize your pouch and achieve a flatter stomach....Read More

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