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Empty calories

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Articles - Empty calories

Are you Eating Empty Calories ?

All foods give us energy (or calories) but are all foods nutritious? Calories can come from fats, carbohydrates, proteins. But for optimum functioning of the body, our body requires micro nutrients such as vitamins & minerals and anti-oxidants required for good body metabolism, tissue...Read More

Should you exercise on an empty stomach?

Many people assume that to lose weight fast, you should exercise on an empty stomach. But that's not healthy. Besides knowing to not workout on an empty stomach, its important to know- what should you eat before exercise? What should you eat, after your workout? and last but not the least .. when...Read More

Health News - Empty calories

Is It Safe to Drink Ensure on an Empty Stomach?

Ensure is a brand of nutritional shake that contains essential vitamins and minerals. Physicians recommend Ensure to patients that have nutritional deficiencies or other conditions that limit their nutritional intake. Because Ensure is considered a meal replacement, you can consume the beverage on a...Read More

Does Your Body Burn Fat When You Exercise on an Empty Stomach?

Weight loss is one of the many benefits of exercise, but there are many conflicting opinions regarding how to achieve optimum results. A point of contention among both researchers and exercisers is whether or not the body burns more fat when you exercise on an empty stomach. There is evidence both f...Read More

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