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Bmi calculator inaccurate why

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Articles - Bmi calculator inaccurate why

BMI Calculator - Why BMI is an Inaccurate Tool?

Of late, many people are talking Body Mass Index (BMI). You might've heard of it too. Many health websites provide these BMI calculators, and use it to measure your health and fitness level. At Fitho, we believe that this Body Mass Index measurement is a completely inaccurate way to measure your ...Read More

BMI is Not a Correct Way of Assessing Someone’s Health Condition

Question / Dilemma: Was curious whether the much talked about BMI (Body Mass Index) is a correct way of assessing someone’s health condition? Answer: Body Mass Index (BMI) is calculated by taking your weight in kgs and dividing it by the square of yo...Read More

Health News - Bmi calculator inaccurate why

Experts Warn New Cholesterol Calculator Doesn’t Add Up

Follow @TIMEHealthlandA new online calculator meant to measure cholesterol risk — rolled out just last week by the nation’s leading heart organizations along with new cholesterol-lowering guidelines — is so riddled with problems that leading cardiologists are calling for halt in...Read More

Cholesterol Whiplash: What to Make of the New Heart-Risk Calculator

Follow @TIMEHealthlandLast week, a new heart risk calculator was launched with great fanfare. This week, it’s under fire.For patients long frustrated by the sometimes whiplash-inducing back and forth of health recommendations, it might seem another cause to doubt taking any study–or adv...Read More

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