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Benefits of lying leg pull

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Articles - Benefits of lying leg pull

Pull Up

How to perform Pull Up Stand under the pull up bar making sure there is enough room above it that you're not going to bang your head. The position of your hands determines which area of the back you are concentrating on. A wider grip will work your lateral muscles where as a narrower gr...Read More

Leg Pull-In

Watch the video, know how to perform the Leg Pull-In ...Read More

Health News - Benefits of lying leg pull

Do Australian Push-Ups Have Benefits Like Pull-Ups?

Australian pushup are something of a joke. They are not real strength-training exercises. In contrast, Australian pullups are a challenging body-weight exercise. Strength training with weights, machines or your body weight is important to keep your muscles strong and toned for endurance. But you can...Read More

The Bulgarian split squat is an excellent exercise. No denying that. It activates your quadriceps and builds single-leg stability. And as you lower, the movement causes tiny tears in your glutes. Over...

...Read More

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