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There are different kinds of beans, differing in their shape, color and are full of important nutrients healthy for our body. Beans have plenty of fiber of both...Read More
Lima Beans
Lima Beans are also known as Butter Beans and contain high nutritional values. They have important minerals and vitamins in them and carry many health benefits ...Read More
Mung Beans
They are dark green outside and dark yellow inside. They may be split or ground. They may be used peeled or whole. They are sweet, and soft, and they are eas...Read More
Black Beans
A small, oval, black bean. They have an earthy flavor with a soft texture. An excellent sour of folate and a good source of fiber and iron. Black beans are avai...Read More
Fava Beans
Fava beans are oval-shaped light brown beans with an earthy flavor and creamy texture. An excellent source of folate and a good source of fiber. Fava Beans c...Read More