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Articles - 7k running program

The Best Weight Loss Program

You have a good appetite and probably binge regularly to keep your cravings at bay. Constant urge to binge is the biggest problem that sets us back with weight loss. Eating less or portion control gives us the feeling of non-satisfaction. You might eat three slices of bread, but your body still m...Read More

Weight Loss Diet Program

Weight Loss is a big concern for many people as too much weight is directly linked to health disorders like diabetes, hypothyroid and heart illness etc. When you are young the weight doesn't hold us back but as you get older you start realizing how its slowing you down both physically & men...Read More

Health News - 7k running program

Calories Burned by Pool Running Vs. Land Running

Although running on land is more widely performed than running in a pool, aqua running is gaining in popularity, reports "The Sunday Times." When done consistently and correctly, both modes of running effectively burn calories....Read More

If you enjoy running trails and think tackling a marathon is easy, then there is an ultra runner hidden inside of you that is waiting to be unleashed. There are many of us who have never considered running...

...Read More

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