20 Magical Ways in which Kidney Bean(Rajma) Improves your physical and mental health!
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20 Magical Ways in which Kidney Bean(Rajma) Improves your Physical and Mental health!

The kidney beans are so magical when it comes to its health benefits that it leaves us to wonder whether the magical beans in the famous fairy tale Jack And the beanstalk were our very own kidney beans. Although the stalk of this plant does not grow as tall as the clouds but the extra ordinary health benefits it provides to the person eating them are nothing short of amazing.

When you read on you will realize why you absolutely must include kidney beans in your diet if you want to keep your mind and body at the pinnacle of their fitness. The reddish brown beans are shaped like little kidneys and hence the name. They absorb the flavours of different seasoning you simmer them in and actually can be quite versatile in taste as they take up the different flavours very easily and please you palate accordingly. Kidney beans have very high quantities of folic acid, calcium, complex carbohydrates, fiber and proteins among other essential nutrients all of which are very important in proper functioning of the body.

The nutritional breakdown of 1 cup/ 177g of kidney beans is as follows:

Calories: 225 kcal

Name of Nutrients Quantity
Protein 15.35g
Carbohydrates 40.36g
Fat- total 0.88 g
Dietary fiber 11.33 g
Total Sugars 0.57 g
Vitamin B1 0.28 mg
Vitamin B2 0.10 mg
Vitamin B3 4.09 mg
Vitamin B6 0.21 mg
Choline 53.98 mg
Folate 230.10 mcg
Pantothenic Acid 0.39 mg
Vitamin E 0.05 mg
Vitamin K 14.87 mcg
Calcium 61.95 mg
Copper 0.38 mg
Iron 3.93 mg
Magnesium 74.34 mg
Manganese 0.76 mg
Molybdenum 132.75 mcg
Phosphorus 244.26 mg
Potassium 716.85 mg
Selenium 1.95 mcg
Sodium 1.77 mg
Zinc 1.77 mg
Omega-3 Fatty Acids 0.30 g
Omega-6 Fatty Acids 0.19 g

Just one look at that super long nutrition table is sufficient to win any argument in favour of the kidney beans.

Now to begin with the fascinating health benefits that the kidney beans offer:

  1. Lowers cholesterol: The high content of complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber in kidney beans lowers cholesterol levels in the blood. The presence of soluble dietary fiber forms a gel like substance when in the stomach. This gel surrounds the cholesterol and prevents the reabsorption of cholesterol into the body. Read about tips to lower cholesterol.
  2. Good for diabetics: They have a really low glycemic index which keeps the sugar content in the body after ingesting them balanced and hence it is a healthy food option for people suffering from diabetes. It also reduces the risk of developing diabetes as it keeps the blood sugar level balanced in the body. Read about 9 wonder foods for diabetics.
  3. Improves memory: Vitamin B1 is the main factor which is responsible for cognitive functions as it is the required for the synthesis of a very important neurotransmitter, acetylcholine which in turn ensures proper brain functioning thereby boosting focus, concentration and memory. Also it is very beneficial in slowing down the disease in Alzheimer’s and dementia. Read about 7 best foods for your brain.
  4. Boosts energy: Manganese in the kidney beans is very important in conducting metabolism reactions that is breakdown of nutrients to produce energy for the body. Read how to improve your energy levels?
  5. Anti-oxidative properties: Manganese is also required for proper functioning of our anti-oxidant defenses which ensures that the harmful free radicals in the body are properly and efficiently destroyed so that they can not cause any harm to our body. Read about more anti-oxidants rich foods.
  6. Powerhouse of proteins: Kidney beans contain a very high content of protein. It can easily replace the protein that meat provides and is a blessing in disguise for vegetarians. When consumed with rice or whole wheat pasta it provides a boost of protein to the body without the added calories of meat or heavy dairy products. Read about how much protein do you need?
  7. Natural detoxifier: A lot of foods these days are loaded with preservatives. These preservatives contain sulphites which in high quantities can be toxic to our body. The molybdenum present in the kidney beans helps detoxify the sulphites. It is also helpful to people with sulphite allergies as the symptoms of the allergies rapidly decrease after regular consumption of kidney beans. Read about detox diet.
  8. Prevents hypertension: Kidney beans being a good source of potassium, magnesium, soluble fiber and protein helps reduce hypertension. Together these elements help in maintaining normal blood pressure. The potassium and magnesium expand the arteries and vessels thereby ensuring smooth blood flow.
  9. Helps in weight loss: The large amount of dietary fiber in kidney beans fill up the stomach and leaves us with a sense of fullness for a prolonged period of time. Also as they are low in fat, they become a wholesome low calorie filling meal. Read about weight loss diet program.
  10. Relieves constipation: The insoluble dietary fibers add bulk to your stool which ensures a smooth bowel movement and helps in relieving constipation.
  11. Boosts immunity: The antioxidant rich kidney bean strengthens the immune system by getting rid of the free radicals and protecting the cells of our body. Read about building immunity.
  12. Has anti-ageing properties: By getting rid of the free radicals the antioxidants in the kidney beans also affects the ageing of the cells thereby helping in maintaining the youthfulness of our cells. It helps in reducing wrinkles. It also helps in healing acne quickly and ensures healthy hair and nails.
  13. Acts as a stomach cleanser: When kidney beans are consumed in the right quantities they can also help with cleansing of the digestive tract, ensuring removal of all sorts of toxins from the body and lowering the risk of colon cancer.
  14. Improves heart health: The high quantity of magnesium in kidney beans acts on the cholesterol and also helps the body fight diseases associated with the heart like stroke, vascular diseases, coagulation of the arteries, heart attack, etc. and maintain a strong heart. Plus it ensures that the risk of heart diseases are the lowest. Read about foods which ensure a strong heart.
  15. Strengthens the bones: The manganese and calcium present in the kidney beans help make the bones stronger and also helps prevent osteoporosis. The folate in kidney beans helps in maintaining the bone and joint health which reduces the risk of bone and hip fractures. Read about ways to prevent osteoporosis.
  16. Helps reduce migraine: The magnesium present in kidney beans helps in preventing the awful migraine headaches and also stabilizes the high blood pressure.
  17. Helps in Tissue Repair: Vitamin B6 helps in tissue growth and repair of the skin and hair. It also helps in preventing any sort of degeneration of the eyes. It even helps in stopping hair fall.
  18. Helps reduce cataracts: Vitamin B3 has been seen to reduce and in some cases cure cataracts. The high quantity of vitamin B3 in kidney beans will pretty much ensure the same.
  19. Helps in rheumatoid arthritis: The high copper content in the kidney beans reduces the inflammatory conditions prevalent inside the body in the case of arthritis. Copper also ensures flexibility of the ligaments and joints. Read about anti-inflammatory foods.
  20. Helps in Asthma: The magnesium present in the kidney beans has a bronchio- dilatory effect and ensures smooth air passage in and out of the lungs. Studies have shown that low magnesium levels can lead to asthma.

So you see including kidney beans in your diet on a regular basis is going to serve as your permanent health insurance for a forever fit and healthy body. Just go ahead and enjoy your kidney beans the way you like it baked, boiled or mashed, all of them will stack your body up with these amazing health benefits and a happy face!

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