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Cauliflower is a vegetable belonging to the Brassica species which includes cabbage, kale and broccoli. It originated in North east Mediterranean and is presently cultivated in most of the countries. Cauliflower can be had in raw, cooked or pickled form. However the raw form holds the highest nutritional value.

Cauliflower Nutrition

The allicin in cauliflower is known to promote a healthy heart and reduce the risk of strokes. It contains selenium and Vitamin C, both of which work together to strengthen the immune system. It helps in maintaining healthy cholesterol level. The high amount of fibre in cauliflower improves colon health and helps prevent cancer. Cauliflower even acts as a blood and liver detoxifier. People suffering from ailments like arthritis, asthma, constipation, high blood pressure and kidney bladder disorders can benefit from the consumption of cauliflower.

Cauliflower contains ‘indole3-carbinol’, a substance that can prevent breast and other female cancers. Being rich in nutrient folate, cauliflower helps in improving cell growth and cell replication mechanism. The milk, sweet and delicious nutty flavor of cauliflower is at its best when it is in season from December through March.

Cauliflower Calories
Cooked, boiled and drained (54gm) contains 12 calories.
Frozen, cooked, boiled and drained (180gm) contains 34 calories.
100 gm of raw cauliflower contains water content 93gm, calorie 23 kcal, carbohydrates 5 gm, sugars 2.4gm, dietary fiber 2.5gm, protein 2 gm, thiamin( Vitamin B1)0.057mg, Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)0.063mg, Niacin(vitamin b3)0.53mg, vitamin C 46mg, calcium 22mg, iron 0.44mg,calcium 22mg, magnesium 15 mg, phosphorus 44 mg, Zinc 0.28 mg, energy 20 kcal(100kj).

Health Tips for Cauliflower
Normally in cauliflower, only the head( the white curd) is consumed while the stalk and surrounding thick green leaves are used in vegetable broth or discarded. Low carb dieters or people on weight loss regime normally use cauliflower as a reasonable substitute for potatoes for its similar texture or mouth feel, though cauliflower does lack the starch of potatoes.
The aforementioned health benefits and low calories make cauliflower an excellent addition to our daily diet, especially for those who want to lose weight fast and stay healthy.

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