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Top 10 Running Routes in Kolkata

Here is a list of running tracks in Kolkata (Calcutta):

Calcutta Cricket & Football Club– They have a soft (mud) running track around a football/cricket field. Around 500 m in length. Located in the heart of South Kolkata, very well located, but noisy.

Tollygunge Club– Running track(mud) into the golf fairways. About 1 km long, back and forth. Trees on both sides. Very peaceful.

Victoria Memorial– Concrete track 1.2 kilometers long. Winding around the gardens and water bodies in the Victoria Memorial grounds.

More running tracks below..

Minto Park (Shaheed Bhagat Singh Udayan)– On AJC Bose Road and Loudon Street Crossing. Concrete track around a large water body, 400 meters long. Well maintained by the Belle Vue hospital and centrally located.

Ballygunge Army Camp– Concrete Track. length unknown, but very peaceful. Wounds around the Army Camp which includes Army quarters, ponds, large expanses of green and some army offices.Limited entry. Only accessible by Ballygunge Camp Card holders. Getting new cards not very easy.

Horticulture Gardens– Concrete Track. 1.5 km, to and fro. Beautiful surroundings and extremely peaceful. Surrounded by nurseries and gardens. Trees on both sides of the track for majority of the length. Located on Belevedre Road in Alipore.

Maidan– Adjacent to Chowringhee and opposite the Victoria Memorial. A massive expanse of green dotted with trees. There isn’t any track, but is a good place to run as there is ample amounts of space and the surface is soft.

Lake Area– Located in Southern Avenue, its a favourite haunt of many morning walkers for the last few decades. There is concrete track that runs around the lake. There are even small expanses of green here and there. But not very well maintained though. Length should be about 2 km.

Red Road-This is a good place to run early in the morning. There is a patch of green running alongside, on either side of the road. You will find local football club players running here early in the morning, and even some army men, since it is right next to the Fort William Army Camp. Best to run early in the morning, since there is no parking available on Red Road.

Last but not the least, is run around your area! This is always most convenient. Or get a treadmill, instead of running outside.

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