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Lamb is a red meat and is from a young sheep. lamb is quite more fat free and enriched with proteins, iron, zinc and many other elements essential to our health and nutrition. It has vitamins and minerals which have quite a lot of health benefits. It has all the essential amino acids and is good for the immune system.

Nutrition of Lamb

100 gm lamb meat gives 30.4 gm protein, 9.4 gm fat, 215 calories, 1.2 mg iron and 95 mg of cholesterol. One portion of lamb contains more than a third of our body’s requirements of proteins for the day. Lamb known for its high nutritional values has zinc and iron which gets easily absorbed by the body. Iron in chicken helps for the formation of red blood cells. It has important B vitamins essential for the body’s metabolic reactions. Lamb is the best source of an amino acid carnitine, trace elements such as copper, manganese, and selenium are  found in this meat, and it contains a rich supply of high quality protein.

Health Benefits of Lambs

Lamb is a good source of high quality protein and supplies the body with 60% of the daily requirement for protein.
The meat is a good source of selenium, a mineral whose deficiency can lead to asthma attacks.
Lamb is rich in iron which aids formation of red blood cells in the body. The form in which iron is present in lamb is easily absorbed by the body.
The meat contains a high amount of zinc good  for healthy immune function, cell division and overall growth.
It is a good source of vitamin B12, necessary to prevent a dangerous molecule called homo-cysteine from harming the body. It also promotes a healthy nervous system, supports the formation of red blood cells and prevents anemia.
The niacin (vitamin B3) present in lamb provides protection against Alzheimer’s disease and promotes healthy skin. It also help against osteoporosis.
Lamb is good for health conscious people, as it is a source of ‘good fat’ in the body and has less saturated fat than other meat products.

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