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Meat & Poultry

Meats are a staple diet component for many people across the world and there are many different varieties of meat like chicken, lamb, turkey, fish, pork are one of the popular amongst people. The fat content of meat can vary widely depending on the source, cut & other factors. The two kinds of meats are red meat & white meat, contain many essential nutrients necessary for healthy growth and contain many vitamins, minerals, protein and amino acids vital for our diet.

Below is a list of commonly eaten meats, their nutrition information & more.

Here are some of the popular Meats & Poultry:

Chicken Chicken meat is white meat which has a lot of protein but high level of cholesterol in comparison to other meats. It is a source of some nutrients and vitamins also
Lamb Lamb is a red meat and is from a young sheep. Lamb is rich in proteins, iron, zinc and other nutrients.
Mutton Mutton is a common meat in many counties. Stew is a popular recipe which is made from mutton.
Turkey Turkey is also a white meat, and a popular choice among health conscious people, due to its rich protein and lower fat content. It is popular during thanksgiving and Christmas celebration.
Pork Pork is popular in many countries
Buff Buffalo meat is a red meat which is high in protein & lower in fat (than beef), cholesterol and calories than  other meats.
Beef It is high in proteins and essential vitamin B12 required for various body functions.

Meat is good option for a portion of your meal but moderation is the key. Here’s a list of vegetables and fruits that you can add to your meal, to balance it.

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