Kathi Rolls Recipes - Calories in Kathi Rolls and Nutrition Facts
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Kathi Rolls Recipe

Preparation Time: minutes
Cooking Time: minutes
Serves: 4


Onions: 1/4 cup, diced
Green capsicum: 1/4 cup, diced
Tomatoes:  1/4 cup, diced     
Ginger garlic paste:  1tsp       
Kasoori  methi:  1/ tsp
Garam masala:  1/4 tsp
Red chilli powder:  1/4 tsp     
Coriander:  1tsp, chopped     
Salt: to taste
Chaat masala: to taste
Wheat flour   : 80 gm
Oil: for sauteing


1. Heat oil in a pan, saute onions, capsicum till soft.
2. Add ginger garlic paste, tomatoes, kasoori methi, garam masala, red chilli powder and salt and sauté.
3. Toss diced paneer in the last along with coriander.  
4. Prepare soft dough from whole wheat flour
5. Divide the dough into small balls    
6. Roll each peda into a thin flat bread & grilldle it over a tawa. The bread should remain soft after being cooked.
7. Fill the bread with paneer filling & roll it like a roulade.
8. Cut into equal size pieces & seal with a tooth pick.  
9. Serve hot with mint chutney.
Nutritive Value ( 1 Serving) :-
Calories –     114 cal
Protein –      2 gm
Fat -4 gm

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