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Healthy Recipes

Discover eating well here with the all new healthy recipes section.You can now enjoy your favourite foods guilt-free with lesser calories and added nutrition, all this without compromising on the flavours. Experts at Fitho have created healthy versions of regular food recipes that are good for health & delicious, just for you.

Below is the list of some popular Recipes :

3-in-1 Shake Recipe Allspice Apple Delight Recipe Aloo-Capsicum Vegetable Recipe Alyson's Broccoli Salad Recipe
Apple-Nuts-Spinach Salad Recipe Arabic Salad Recipe Avocado & Cucumber Salad Recipe Avocado Salad Recipe
Avocado Sandwich Recipe Baked Beans Recipe Baked Limas with Tomatoes and Peppers Recipe Baked Salmon Recipe
Baked spinach chips Bell Peppers, Broccoli and Chicken Breast Salad Black Masoor Dal Recipe Bulgur Wheat Salad Recipe
Cabbage, beetroot soup Cabbage, Carrot and Kidney bean salad Cabbage, Onion and Low Fat Paneer Salad Cabbage, onion, kidney beans salad
Capsicum, Cabbage, Paneer and Garlic Soup Carrot Soup Recipe Carrot, Beetroot, Green Lentil Soup Carrot, broccoli, black eye pea salad
Carrot, Mushroom Soup Cauliflower and Egg Salad Recipe Cauliflower, Broccoli and Chicken Breast Salad Cauliflower, Carrots and Chickpeas Salad
Chicken and Cabbage Soup Recipe Chicken and Lettuce Soup Recipe Chicken and White Bean Salad Recipe Chicken Burra Recipe
Chicken Coconut Rasam Soup Chicken Herb Soup Recipe Chicken Honey Mustard Salad Recipe Chicken Nuggets Recipe
Chicken Pancake Recipe Chicken stuffed with Almond Recipe Chicken Tikka Recipe Chicken Tikka- Healthy & Simple Recipe
Cilantro Salsa Recipe Crunchy Fruit Salad Recipe Cucumber, carrot, chick pea salad Cucumber, Carrots and Sprouted Moong Salad
Cucumber, Tomato and Low Fat Paneer Salad Dry Bhuna Aaloo Vegetable Egg Balls Recipe Egg Drop Soup Recipe
Egg Roll Recipe Egg Uttappam Recipe Exotic Fruit Salad Recipe Fish Fingers Recipe
Fish in Mustard Sauce Recipe Fish Kabab Recipe Fruit Chaat Recipe Fruit Toast Recipe
Fruit Veggie Mix Drink Recipe Garlic Baked Chicken Gatte ki Sabzi Ghia Dal
Ginger, Carrot, Paneer Cubes Soup Grape Shake Recipe Grated beetroot, carrot, paneer salad Grated Beetroot, Cucumber and Low Fat Paneer Salad
Grated Beetroot, Cucumber, Low Fat Paneer and Mint Salad Green Coriander Chicken Recipe Green Smoothie Recipe Grilled Chicken Legs Recipe
Grilled Chicken Salad Recipe Grilled Fish Cutlet: Grilled Prawn Skewers Recipe Grilled Shrimps Recipe
Healthy Butter Chicken Recipe Healthy Chaat Recipe Healthy Chilli Potato Recipe Healthy Chips Recipe
Healthy Dahi Vada Healthy Idli Recipe Healthy Mix Vegetable Dosa Healthy Snack Bowl Recipe
Healthy Whole wheat pasta Kadhi(Without Pakora,Only Palak) Kathal Curry Kathi Rolls Recipe
Lemon Coriander Recipe Lemony Cooler Recipe Lentil Soup Lentil, beetroot, feta salad
Lentil, beetroot, feta salad Lentil, spinach and beetroot salad Lettuce, Broccoli and Egg Salad Lettuce, carrot, bean salad
Lettuce, carrot, sprouted moong salad Lettuce, Tomato and Fish Salad Manchow Soup Recipe Melon Smoothie
Mexican Black Bean Soup Recipe Mint Hot Chocolate Recipe Mix Dal Moong Daal Stuffed Chapatti
Moong Dal Cheela Mushroom Salad Recipe Mushroom, Broccoli and Chickpeas Salad Mushroom, Cabbage, Paneer Cubes Soup
Nutty Delight Recipe Oat Pancake Oatmeal Smoothie Recipe Oats Idly Recipe
Oats Uttappam Recipe Orange Special Date Shake Recipe Paneer , Spinach Soup Paneer and cucumber salad
Paneer Shaslik Recipe Paneer Tikka Recipe Paneer, Carrot and leek soup Paneer, Carrot Garlic Soup
Paneer, Cauliflower and Carrot Soup Paneer, Mushroom, Beans and Garlic Soup Paneer, Mushroom, Tomato Soup Paneer, Tomato, garlic soup
Parwal Aaloo Vegetable Pav Bhaji Persian Salad Recipe Prawn Soup Recipe
Protein Shake Rajasthani Lamb Legs Soup Recipe Rasam Soup Recipe Red Hot Chilli Pepper Soup Recipe
Refreshing Aam Panna Recipe Refreshing Lassi Recipe Roasted Eggplant (Baingan) Bharta Recipe Salmon Fillets with Tomatillo Salsa Recipe
Sambhar Sauted Vegetables Recipe Scrambled Eggs With Mushrooms Recipe Seafood Soup Recipe
Semolina Dhokla Recipe Sesame Chicken Celery Salad Recipe Soy Shake Recipe Spicy Chicken Soup Recipe
Spinach Soup Recipe Spinach, beetroot, egg salad Spinach, Beetroot, Red Lentil Soup Spinach, Capsicum, Paneer and Ginger Soup
Spinach, Paneer Soup Sprouts Sandwich Steamed Vegetable Pulao Stir Fried Vegetables Recipe
Stuffed Brinjal(Baingan) Stuffed Chappati Recipe Summer Relief Recipe Summer Salad Recipe
Sunshine Recipe Sweet Corn Salad Recipe Sweet Corn Soup Recipe Three bean Salad Recipe
Tomato Smoothie Recipe Tomato Soup Recipe Tomato, Beetroot, Paneer and Ginger Soup Tomato, Carrot, Red Lentil Soup
Tomato, Low fat Paneer and Basil Salad Tomato,Basil soup Tomato-Corn Vegetable Recipe Tomatoes & Carrot Vegetable Soup
Tossed Salad Recipe Tropical Fruit Smoothie Recipe Uttapam Vegetable Kebab with garlic and Herbs
Vegetable Poha Vegetable Soup Recipe Vegetable Stew Vegetables with Baked Beans Salad Recipe
Vodka Delight Recipe Watermelon and Feta Cheese Salad Watermelon, cucumber, paneer basil salad Watermelon, cucumber, paneer coriander salad
Wheat Gem Smoothie Recipe Wonton Soup Recipe

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