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Total Gym

Total Gym concept.  The “Total Gym” is a brand name and product line of exercise machines used for strength training, stretching, and pilates training designed by EFI Sports Medicine Incorporated of San Diego, California. The various models are manufactured for 3 different types of customers: Medical Facilities, Fitness Facilities, and Home Consumers. The most known model to the general public is the infomercial model sold through the use of TV advertising. It is the longest running infomercial product at this time. There are licensing contracts with two other companies for the smaller home models, but EFI only makes the commercial/professional models. This product is known as a “variable inclined plane” device

A total Gym Uses an adjustable bench and a sliding seat platform that increases resistance based on your own body weight. While the total Gym may require more space, it will allow you to incorporate more strength training exercises into your workout. This idea uses an adjustable height, inclined bench and sliding seat platform that uses your own body weight to increase resistance.

In 1974 (before there was any thought of an informercial) the very first Total Gym was developed by Tom Campanaro (then a competitive body builder) and his partners Dale McMurray and Larry Westfall in San Diego, California.The easy concept was found to help facilitate key components of exercise: cardiovascular endurance (aerobics), muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition. The machines typically take up much less space than a complete set of weights and machines.

Total Gym Models:-
•    Total gym has many different models,
•    Total Gym 1000, which is the most basic model costing around
•    Then there’s the Total Gym 1500
•    Total Gym 1700 Club
•    Total Gym 2000
•    Total Gym 3000
•    XLS model
•    Total Gym 14000
•    Total Gym GTS

How Much to Spend
One can spend Rs.12000/- to Rs.45000/- for a decent set up. For more than a decent setup some has to spend around  Rs.60000/-
Consumer Guide

So many models, which one should you choose?
In all honesty,  we don’t think you’re getting your money’s worth going over the Total Gym 3000 series. Or in other words, spending more than Rs.50000/- for it. Why? Simply, for the average user, an average model should meet all your needs. Essentially, all the models do exactly the same thing, with the only major differences being a few little extra add-ons, slightly thicker (heavier duty) construction, ability to hold more weight, or accommodate for a taller person. Other than that, you’re NOT getting your money’s worth going with the super high end models. Heck, if I were to spend Rs.15000/- bucks on a Total Gym, I’d rather get a complete machine workout station

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