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Home Gym vs Joining a Gym

Home Gym

Advantages of a Home Gym
Home gyms or workout rooms are becoming very popular because they have several advantages if you have the space:
•    Equipment: Minimal amount of equipment and space required to start.
•    Travel: Save on traveling time to gyms and health clubs.
•    Convenience: before work, after work, weekends, in the middle of the night.
•    Home life: Partner can share the workouts.

Disadvantages of a Home Gym
It’s not all rosy with home gyms though. Here’s why:
•    Too convenient: Sometimes a training venue works better away from the dwelling place. Exercising in a different environment seems to provide the stimulation often required to follow through with exercise programs.
•    Social contact: Getting out to the gym, particularly for group exercise, is known to be a factor in maintaining exercise commitments.

Joining a Gym

Advantages of Joining a Gym:
Here are the attractions of choosing a gym for your weight training workouts:
•    Range of equipment: Depends on the gyms in your area. Look for a well-equipped one. You never know what you might decide to use.
•    Supervision: Trainers are usually available, free, for checking safety aspects of exercise execution and providing advice. Ask about this before joining.
•    Social networking: And perhaps business networking with other members for fun, profit and perhaps serious games. Who’s that great girl (or guy) in the pink tights?
•    Amenities: Modern gyms cater for busy people. “Women only” gyms are available.
•    Motivation: If you pay for something like a gym membership it’s an incentive to keep going with your exercise program.

Disadvantages of a Gym or Fitness Center:
•    Expensive joining fees: Some centers are for the rich and famous and you may not be one of them.
•    Choice: You may not have a selection within reasonable travel distance or the ones available are of poor standard or overcrowded.
Gym rats: Yes it’s true: some gymsters are a pain in the gluteus maximus — and that’s the butt if you don’t already know. Poor hygiene in the locker rooms, hogging the equipment at busy times, boring your boots off with chit-chat; prancing, preening, posing and postulating — and that’s just in the locker room: yes, the gym rat is alive and well. However, in my experience there aren’t too many these days and mostly you can avoid them. Don’t let them stop you joining a gym.

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