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Free Weight Stations

Free weight machines are designed to help you achieve a higher level of fitness than typical machines and basic exercises. On free weight machines users can target specific muscle groups with weights and routines that promote more efficient movement and greater range-of-motion.
Free weight home gyms have made enormous strides in recent years, and they are now more advanced than ever before.

The unit offers  many exercise options:
– Rowing,
– Leg curls,
– Leg extensions,
– Inner and outer thigh exercises
– Abdomen crunches
– Pull-downs

Basic Set of Equipment:
– Adjustable benches,
– Power racks for holding barbells,
– Dumbbells,
– Barbells and plates (round weights).

How Much to Spend
Mostly movable equipment for more heavy duty use.
One can spend Rs.15000/- to Rs.35000/- for a decent set up. For more than a decent setup some has to spend around  Rs.50000/-

Consumer Guide
– Check space availability at your home.
– Check your commitment for exercise.
– Evaluates your needs.
– Check your budget.
– Don’t go for Fancy Brands as Prices are high
– Mostly made from Steel with no advanced technology so better go for price competitive products.
– We suggest you prefer steel products with rust proof guarantee
– Ask for few more nuts & bolts.

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