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Elliptical (Cross Trainer)

Cross Trainer: An elliptical trainer is designed to provide a cardiovascular workout rather than build muscles. Though elliptical trainers are considered to be minimal-impact, they are an example of a weight-bearing form of exercise.

Types Of Cross Trainers
There are three types of elliptical trainers, categorized by the motor or “drive” location.
•    The oldest elliptical design is the “rear drive” type.
•    The “front-drive” elliptical was the second generation design.
•    The latest design technology is the “center-drive”.

An elliptical cross trainer is comparable to a treadmill in its exertion of leg muscles and the heart. Elliptical produce an intermediate range of leg motion between that of stationary bikes and treadmills.

There are claims that the dual action exercise of an elliptical trainer can actually be more efficient in burning calories. The logic is that by exercising more muscle groups simultaneously, a more intense workout can be achieved in less time. It is also suggested that the perceived rate of exertion is lower. However, other studies have shown that the rate in which calories are burned on an elliptical trainer is similar to that on a treadmill. Thomas Altena, a professor of nutritional and exercise physiologist of the University of Missouri-Columbia measured oxygen retention, lactic acid build-up, heart rate, and perceived rate of exertion to compare treadmills and elliptical trainers. According to Altena, the “physiological responses associated with elliptical exercise were nearly identical to treadmill exercise”

How Much to Spend on elliptical (cross trainer)
There are models available for use in one’s home. These can be purchased, with some machines starting at under Rs.25,000. Some manufacturers produce commercial models, which focus on durability and are made to withstand the more frequent use of the fitness club environment. These units typically sell for well over Rs.1200, 000, offering greater durability and programming than the typical home user would ever need.

Points to be Taken  care before buying  Elliptical (cross trainer)
– Check space availability at your home.
– Check your commitment for exercise.
– Evaluates your needs.
– Check your budget.
– Check products availability
– Check for the branded dealer
– Don’t go for grey market
– Money wise  be wise

Consumer Guide: Questions to ask from Elliptical (cross trainer)s Dealer

– Make of the equipment (Country of manufacturing)
Most of the equipments either made locally in India or in China although they have US or European premium brands. We suggest you to pay price accordingly to make not as per brand.

– If products are assembled in India or China or some other country check for motor’s manufacturing country. Motor is the life of all cardio equipments.
We suggest either go for European make or for US make.

– Ask for the maximum weight limit of machine (Maximum weight machine can wear).
Don’t go for cheaper equipments just because you are saving money.
We suggest you to check the maximum weight machine can wear, almost machine have a maximum weight limit & this depends life and performance of machine.

– Get information about Guarantee /warranty policy.
Our suggestion is go for comprehensive onsite warranty. Because if it’s not onsite then not feasible most of the time to carry equipment to the dealer’s place or to service station.

– Check who is responsible for warranty its dealer or company.
If company is responsible then get information about company service station availability and read the terms and condition very carefully written on Guarantee /warranty policy.

– Get information about Annual maintenance contract.
Our suggestion is go for comprehensive onsite Annual maintenance contract. Because if it’s not onsite then not feasible most of the time to carry equipment to the dealer’s place or to service station.
If Annual maintenance contract is not available then don’t buy products, every machine required regular servicing and technical checkups for better lifetime and for better performance.
Check Annual maintenance contract prices then compare it with other options available, because sometime charges of AMC makes a machine costlier after few years even if it is cheaper now.


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