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Fitness Equipment Buying Service

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What is this service?
We are fitness experts. So, we decided to help you out with buying any kind of gym equipment. You can read this fitness equipment guide to understand about the equipment you want to buy: pros, cons, benefits, price ranges, points to keep in mind, etc

Why should I use this service?
Many reasons for that:
- We are fitness experts, so we understand fitness equipment.
- We tell you what is the best equipment to buy in your budget.
- We have bargained for the best deals on fitness equipment.
- We get you discounts on fitness equipment up to 30%!
- We tell you about things that equipment dealers/retailers don’t!
Note: We are not associated with any manufacturer or retailer

How do I use this service?

Where is this service available?
These deal and discounts on fitness equipment is available all over India, specifically in the following cities
- New Delhi
- Mumbai
- Chennai
- Bangalore
- Pune
- Cochin
- Pondicherry (puducherry)
- Thiruvanthapuram
- Vellore
- Calicut
- Kollam (Kovalam)

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  • Sriraghavendran


    I am looking to buy an Elliptical Cross Trainers. After considerable research, I find the below are minimum requirements.
    Could you please suggest best suitable Brand.

    1) Budget 15k-20k (Can’t afford more than this, even 20K is difficult)
    2) Stride length should be atleast 20″
    3) Should be of type Magnetic Resistance (Eddy Current type, not ECB type)
    4) Max User wt should be >105kgs, as i am 102 kg.
    5) LCD monitor for on-the fly program change, calorie, time, pulse,weight, etc, display

    Please let me know if i could secure an elliptical with above requirements.
    I found one with 16K but it failed on Max User weight (BH 2345 OCean Program)

    FYI, I live in Chennai..

  • Fitho

    @Sriraghavendran, someone from our team will be contacting you shortly.

  • Ramakrishna Rao


    My Dad is a medical Doctor, just over 60yrs old, residing at Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India. He is maintaining good health standards, and his weight is about 65kgs. He is looking for a motorised treadmill (domestic use) that allows him to maintain his fitness. Can you please suggest us one with the most optimal requirements and price, its brand name and contact details for purchase and shipment etc?

  • Loveleen Kakra


    Iam looking for Elliptical Cross Trainer for my wife. She is little overweight. My budget is around 10-16 thousdand not more than that.

    Requirment is:-
    LCD monitor should be the there.
    can handle weight at least 100 kg.

    Waiting for your response.

    Loveleen Kakra

  • Ram Chenna

    I am looking at a elliptical cross trainer for domestic use which one could see in a gym. Let me know the various models (with snaps) and the details specifications and priciing and if they are available in pune.


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