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Fitness Equipment

There are many kinds of fitness equipment that you can buy to exercise at home & for your home gym. Here, we tell you about all the different kinds of exercise equipment, that you can buy to equip your home gym.

Ranging from basic equipment (like swiss balls, yoga mats, etc) to cardio equipment like treadmills (& more) to weight equipment like dumbbells, benches, and even home gym equipment like multi-gyms.

See the list of fitness equipments below:

Treadmill: Exercise machine for running or walking while staying in one place.

Stationary Bike, Exercise Cycle: Cardio machine to simulate cycling movement.

Elliptical (Cross Trainer): Cardio equipment to simulate walking/running without excessive pressure to the joints

Dumbbells: Free weights used for many kinds of exercises

Free Weight Stations: like benches and other gym equipment

Medicine Ball: A weighted ball of varying size and weight, used for exercises.

Multi Gym: Large home gym equipment with multiple exercise equipments

Swiss Ball: Large inflated versatile plastic ball, useful for stability exercises.

Resistance Bands: These bands are light, easy to store, and make a great workout, anywhere!

Total Gym: Home gym equipment

Note: We don’t list useless exercise equipments here, like those ridiculous ab machines, vibration machines, sauna belts, etc, since we believe that they are of no benefit to your fitness. Really!

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